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The RDR Experience


Contact us for a complimentary and enjoyable estimate for Oelo lighting right here in Wichita, Kansas. Oelo home outdoor LED lighting makes the process enjoyable, thanks to the exciting possibilities our lighting system can offer. A welcoming representative from RDR Lighting will gladly explore these fantastic options with you through phone, text, or email!


We offer a FREE design and quote service. If preferred, we can visit your home to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your Oelo lighting project in Wichita, Kansas. Your home exterior LED lighting quote will encompass a satellite view of your residence, a detailed scope of work, and itemized pricing.


Once a deposit has been received, your project will be assigned to a highly qualified project manager based in Wichita, Kansas. They will schedule installation and guide you through the custom install process, addressing any questions along the way. Despite potential weather delays, our dedicated crew in Wichita will install the Oelo Lighting system as swiftly and efficiently as possible.


After installation, a member of our crew will guide you through the App setup process and teach you how to use the highest quality Architectural LED lighting system on the market, right here in Wichita, Kansas, with Oelo.


Anticipate years of enjoyment from your vibrant Oelo LED lighting system. Rest easy knowing RDR Lighting is committed to you and the investment you've made in your home here in Wichita, Kansas. We provide a 3-year warranty on your entire lighting system.

RDR Lighting Features

Personalized Accent Illumination:

Craft your unique accent lighting experience by individually controlling each light. Showcase your home with precision, selecting the lights you want and customizing their colors from a spectrum of over 16 million options, including any hue of white.

Craft Your Own Designs:

Individually manage each light and explore a palette of over 16 million colors to fashion custom patterns featuring over 20 distinct movements and effects. Additionally, select from 102 preset patterns inspired by recommendations from our valued customers. Your vision, your patterns.

Zoning Capability:

Effortlessly illuminate specific sections or apply diverse patterns to different areas of your home simultaneously, distinguishing between the front and back.

Commitment to Transparency:

From the initial call, the RDR Lighting team is dedicated to providing clear, honest, and knowledgeable communication.

Subtle Elegance from the Exterior:

In Wichita, Kansas, our installers seamlessly affix Oelo Lighting beneath your eaves and discreetly behind your trim, utilizing a track color that harmonizes seamlessly. No exterior power supplies disrupt the aesthetic. The track neatly conceals all wires, and when necessary, jumps are strategically made through attics to eliminate any visible exterior wiring.

Versatile Scheduling Options:

Effortlessly set multiple nightly and weekly timers, in addition to creating calendar events for holidays and other special occasions with our Oelo lighting system in Wichita, Kansas.

Exclusive Technological Innovation:

Our lighting system (Patent # 9506609) and accompanying mobile app are exclusively owned and manufactured by us, ensuring unparalleled quality and availability. We consistently enhance the user experience with regular updates, introducing new features based on valuable customer input.

Vivid & Energy-Conscious:

Our bright 3-diode lights consume less than one watt per light at their brightest white, and they are fully dimmable for a customizable illumination experience.

Lighting For All Occasions

Why Choose RDR Lighting?


Our RDR Lighting team is 100% committed to clear, honest, and knowledgeable communication right from the first call.


Our entire team acts with integrity and honesty. We focus on putting ourselves in the shoes of others and pride ourselves on doing the right thing.


We focus on long-term durability. We only install the highest quality materials and make sure you always have the most updated software.


We hold ourselves accountable by measuring ourselves against the highest standards of integrity and fiscal responsibility to every customer we serve.


Happiness in an investment that lasts with a fully customizable and permanent exterior lighting solution where the possibilities are endless.

About Us

RDR Lighting proudly stands as Wichita, Kansas' premier and exclusive authorized dealer of Oelo Lighting. Oelo is our proprietary permanent LED lighting solution, providing you with the flexibility to program and customize the lights on your home to suit all your needs. This versatile system is ideal for year-round use, enhancing holidays, sporting events, and offering accent and security lighting. Say goodbye to the hassle of putting up and taking down holiday lights! Our Oelo lights are energy-efficient, durable, and maintenance-free, ensuring a long-lasting and efficient lighting solution.

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