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Permanent Lighting


The traditional holiday look

Oelo can be hung on the fascia, pointing outward for a traditional Christmas light glow. The system’s LEDs are visible from every angle using this effect. And while this is considered our most traditional look, Oelo’s app lets you create “gaps” in the lighting by allowing you to control each individual LED for a modern lighting effect.


Exterior wall grazing

Wall grazing lighting is created when the channels are mounted downward (or upward) and then select LEDs are turned on (or off) to accent an architectural feature, like a pillar. Grazing often uses white light, but with Oelo’s 16 million hues, creativity is endless. Homeowners love using it to highlight architectural features.


The outdoor wall wash effect

Oelo is one of the few permanent lighting systems that can be hung BOTH on the fascia AND under the eaves. The under-mount effect creates a wall-wash glow, illuminating the exterior with color to eliminate shadows and highlight the wall. This effect is Dark Sky complaint because the LEDs are angled downward.

Timer & Calendar

Once you create or choose an accent lighting scheme for your Wichita, Kansas home, you can program it to come on automatically nightly, from sunset to sunrise, or at static times. Linked with data from, we account for time changes. Utilize the calendar feature to schedule lighting changes months in advance. This way, you can seamlessly transition your Wichita home to accent lighting after the holiday season without altering the timer setting. For instance, set a Christmas lighting program from December 1st-25th, followed by an accent lighting program from December 26th until the next holiday.

Downlighting Versus Uplighting

Downlighting offers several advantages over traditional uplighting: During the day, our downlighting system, now available in Wichita, Kansas, remains concealed behind your trim, unlike uplighting that is often visible in your landscaping or yard. Another advantage of being installed behind your trim is protection from elements like hail.

All wires are securely encased in the aluminum track, providing protection from animals.

Preserving a dark sky is crucial! Downlighting, such as Oelo, represents the most effective way to minimize light pollution while still enhancing the accent and security features of your Wichita home. Call us today to make your home stand out with accent lighting from Oelo!